Fit Guide

Every manufacturer’s size chart varies. Measurements are provided in each product description. Please consult each listing for each model’s measurements to help you find your best fit, please measure yourself.
Please use the size chart measurements in each product description vs adding what your “normal size is” to cart. 

Top selling denim brands at RPB:

Judy Blues are highly stretchy denim! They are great for average to plus size women because they fit overall but have “give” when it comes to curves or a mommy tummy 😉 This brand is a fan fav! They fly off the shelf & many times we can not restock them because many boutiques buy JB & the manufacturer gets backordered or just keeps moving forward after releasing a style & do not always opt to re-run making them. The waist in JB stretches so picking a size that is as close to your true measurement is best. Round down from your measurement vs up unless you carry most of your weight in your tummy & your tummy is distended; then get your true jean size & don’t size down.
Vervet & Lovervet are equivalent to Judy Blue in size, stretch, & quality.

KanCans have some stretch but they are a thicker, more structured, classic jeans. Most customers get KanCans in their true Levi’s size or they go one size up if the waist is too small. KanCans are a true denim brand. Not highly recommended for curvy clients.

Risen are are hybrid of JB + KanCans. When between sizes for Risen; size up!

YMI have a contemporary fit for most of their styles & hyper-stretch technology. Go true to size on these.

YMI also has petites & plus size in some styles. We are integrating these into our catalog. We can not stress enough, measurements are the key to a happy shopping experience!

Zenana - size down for all items except the mineral wash leggings & the activewear. You may want to get your TTS or size up - check the unstretched waist measurents & add 2” of stretch.

If you need size guidance, please reach out to your RPB Stylist or email
In the email, provide your measurements, body type, where weight is carried most (tummy, rear, hips or balanced). 
Size choice is yours ultimately. We are only offering guidance so you can choose a proper fit.